Saturday, April 24, 2010

64 - Habis madu sepah dibuang

bro bile kitorang menang lu takde pun panggil kitorang bodoh..bukan lagi suka main puji kitorang..bile kitorang score gol bukan lagi menjerit..bile kitorang kalah dan seri macam-macam lah korang maki kitorang..korang ingat kitorang nie ape? - arsene wenger..

p/s : bro standard la bro..perdana menteri kitorang pun kene maki dengan nak touching2 pesal lu main mcm pundek takkan la kitorang nak puji menggunung

Sunday, April 18, 2010

63 - You let us down, Arsene Wenger

Fabianski is a fucking plumb

i hate silvestre and fabianski..............


stupid arsenal

Lazy performance and got what we deserved!

fabianski suck..

wenger please release fabianski asap!!

3 goals in 10 mins..this must b a fuckin joke

this team is killing me

stupid fabianski....i dont like him to be a goal keeper

goodbye title..............fuck offffff just pissed off at this moment

spoil from fabianski...

silvester , fabianski r stupid all of time!

p/s: we speak different voices from all over the world wenger..FUCK YOU.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

62 - cikgu

menjadi seorang guru bukannya senang..tapi aku dah melalui pengalaman tersebut..menjadi cikgu tuisyen sementara..apabila kau menyampaikan ilmu di hadapan kepada murid-murid yang inginkan ilmu ikhlas dari seorang guru..macam-macam perilakuan dapat dilihat..ada yang buat-buat pandai..ada yang fokus dalam pelajaran..ada yang tidak buat apa yang disuruh..dan ada juga pelajar yang langsi..

tapi kau hanya sebagai cikgu tuisyen yang di mana tugaskan hanya menyampaikan ilmu..bukan tanggungjawab kau bila mereka tidak ambil peduli tentang apa yang disampaikan..persaan sedih juga apabila mereka tidak berjaya nanti..

hati kanak-kanak ikhlas..jika mereka sedang memuji..mereka melukis gambar guru mereka di papan putih..dan membelai rambut guru mereka.."cikgu handsome la.." kata mereka..memang hati mereka ikhlas..

61 - Bentder Bodoh

Hey nicklas if u search your name in google..then its appear this's not mean that you good in football..don't ever proud of yourself..that's mean u fool..

budi bahasa budaya kita..that is what my country teach us..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

60 - SELANGOR, n9 and their ally

Thy deserve for a lowercase because has some corrupted ally that f**king bias in between this game.. Why should this happened? and what the exactly purpose that u did this..we are red giants got paid same as Kelantan, Terengganu,and last but not least Perak..our hope only on Kedah..if u do a little mistake the disaster falls..every single man is their ally..

Lets look at the western football especially Europe..mostly their game is clean..the referee is 'fair' for both team..what for you doing this? to get the money and raise your influence..i always spending times have a coffee with my foreign student from outside..they like football and ask me how many time have malaysia had won world cup ? Im ashamed and I said never once..

Our people always talk about this especially men..then we condemned the player not good enough..our strength is lesser than western..i think this is not the excuse..our body size is exactly same like Spain (Euro 2008 champion)..Fabregas, Iniesta, Xavi Hernandes..they not bigger like Gerrard, others England, German and the rest..but we don't know..where is the pls get away from our beloved sport..and u don't even know about football just keep your money for your own, are totally godforsaken person in this world..

p/s: u are cunt and twat..and a little bit bastard..i hate n9 with their allies..f**k off